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Talent with a vision
Agency with an edge
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I+AM all for you.
Influence + All Management (I+AM) is a growth management agency that supports creative influencers through authentic brand partnerships. We root for social media-preneurs who symbolize uniqueness and self-expression, and who share their vision through their creative lens. We promote a genuine connection between brands, influencers and engaged followers to sustain growth and offer value to everyone involved.

We don’t like to brag, but…
Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in PR/communications, social media and digital marketing. We know your world, and we have built our own tools to automate and manage the work. Yup. So we get more face time with you, and you get more me-time to create away.

Drop the filter.
I+AM manages successful brand collabs in a spirit of transparency, kindness, and absolutely no bullshit. We communicate things the way they are and hide nothing from our brands and content creators. We foster relationships that are caring and real—no filter, no glitter.

our roster

I+AM manages the growth of authentic influencers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle spaces—with an open invitation for diversity and body positivity.