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3 Things You Need In Your Media Kit

iaminfluenceallNovember 30, 2020January 5th, 2022

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Having a media kit is essential as a creator if you want to land more paid deals. When pitching yourself to brands, it’s a useful tool to have in order to present them with some important information when it comes to who you are and your rates!

While you may want to include everything into your media kit, there are certain things you must have and other things you can most likely leave out! Keep reading to find out what you absolutely need in your media kit.

1) Keep it short but informative

Brands are interested in getting an idea of who you are and your stats. Have fun with your media kit, if you can; if not, don’t worry you can download some amazing templates that make it pretty easy to design a page that is true to you! We recommend creating a one-page media kit that has all the necessary information. While you may want to put as much information as possible thinking it might better your chances of them wanting to work with you, it can likely do the opposite. Your media kit should be short, sweet, to the point!

2) Include your rates

You should always list a breakdown of your rates for the different types of content you can offer in your media kit. By doing this, a brand is able to see what it is you offer and for how much. Of course you can always negotiate these rates should a brand not have the budget to meet them, but that’s up to you!

3) List your stats

Brands want to know your engagement rate, your average likes and comments, and demographics (top cities, countries, age, gender). Any information that you can provide that will peak their interest, and usually the main things brands are looking for when they want to partner with you. This is also information you can easily find on Instagram or on sites like

If you want to learn more about how to use your media kit, you can always read our article about what to include in your pitches.

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