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4 Tips To Help Grow Your IG Presence

iaminfluenceallDecember 30, 2020January 5th, 2022

Photo Credit: @courtneysteeves

Instagram practices are constantly evolving, and as a creator it can be hard to keep up! Working with the notorious IG algorithm can feel like a never-ending battle, making it hard to stay creative and consistent. We totally feel that – if you’re struggling to figure out how to build better engagement, sometimes all it takes is an evaluation of some of the basics to get your platform growing.

1) Develop a distinct voice

You likely began your IG journey with a specific voice in mind – an angle on fashion or beauty you thought was missing from the conversation. It can help to take a step back and think about the perspective you initially wanted to share with others. Think about if your content reflects the original vision you had for your platform, and if not, how you can adjust your tone to match what you had in mind. When your content feels organic and true to yourself, your audience can sense it!

2) Craft a consistent aesthetic

Developing a recognizable aesthetic goes hand-in-hand with your voice. When we’re scrolling on IG, we love to see unique and inviting visuals; your grid is usually the first impression people have of you as a creator. IG is a visual platform, after all!

Think about what you want the overall look of your feed to be as opposed to each piece of media on its own. Do you have a set of colours you think look great together and reflect your style? Try editing your photos in a way that showcases those tones. Maybe you want to create a cute graphic to share a quote or an idea with your audience? Using a site like Canva can help your grid look cohesive and refreshed, and it’s super user-friendly. It’s most important to do what feels natural to your brand and what’s sustainable for your style of posting.

3) Understand your insights

Being able to exercise your creativity is super important, but let’s get a bit more technical! As fun as creating a grid theme is, analyzing your IG metrics is just as essential to creating a strong online presence. The Instagram native analytics tool can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not used to utilizing it, but a good understanding of your data allows you to pinpoint what type of content performs best and helps to create strategies for future posts.

IG’s mobile app offers insights into how your content performs on certain days of the week, your followers’ most active times of the day, and your main age ranges. Keeping these metrics in mind will help you to tailor each post to the usage behaviours of your following so you can maximize growth. Spend some time researching your own analytics so you really know your content inside and out!

4) Engage your audience

It’s important to remember that having an online platform is a two-way street – you want your followers to engage with your content and show their support, but you also have to reciprocate! When you’re enthusiastic and active with your following, it shows that you care about your audience’s perspective, creates genuine interest in your content, and is a great source of inspiration for new ideas. However, your audience isn’t only a means for crowdsourcing – socialize with them! Genuinely engaging with your followers helps foster a more personal relationship and demonstrates to others that you value feedback.

Turning your passion into your profession doesn’t necessarily mean smooth sailing every time. When growing your IG presence, it can take some tweaking here and there to figure out what works since every creator’s experience is so different. If you find what strategies and techniques are right for you, you’ll see consistent growth without sacrificing the aspects of content creation that you love!

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