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5 Free Apps You Need to Step up Your IG

iaminfluenceallSeptember 28, 2020January 5th, 2022

Hey there!

I’m Karine Trudel (@karine_trudel), a Talent Agent at Influence + All Management – I manage the social accounts and also dabble in some content creation/collaborations myself! If you’re looking to elevate your social profiles, you’ve come to the right place. I will be sharing my favorite apps to step up content on Instagram – keep on reading!

Edit Your Images: Vsco Cam

One of the easiest and best ways to improve your IG content is to find a consistent way to edit your photos with the use of filters.

VSCO offers free preset filters that instantly improve your photos and allow all of your shots to look more cohesive. There are also additional editing tools available to suit your needs such as contrast, saturation, grain (adds texture to photos) and playing with color tones (make your images warmer or cooler). Once you find a filter you like, stick to the same filters and edits to build your brand and vibe.

Perfect Your Photos: Airbrush

Often busy and on-the-go, I tend to shoot spontaneously once the moment allows which means the locations are never planned or perfect. This is where an app, such as Airbrush, comes into play. Apps like this tend to have a bad reputation due to people editing themselves – however, it can work magic on your surroundings! People on Instagram want to see the real you so avoid using edits to change yourself. That being said, editing dirty spots and litter from the streets can definitely elevate your photos.

Elevate Your Stories: Unfold

This one is more relevant when it comes to IG stories; it has minimal and easy-to-use templates that help create interesting collages and beautiful stories.

Although stories only last 24 hours, with the use of highlights, they can also live on your profile permanently. They can be just as important as posts in terms of building a community and growing on the platform. Stories keep your followers up to date with what you’re up to and can be a great way to interact and engage with them as well. Putting effort into them is a must!

Plan Your Layout: Unum

If you’ve ever come across an IG account and thought to yourself: “Wow, what a cool feed,” it’s guaranteed that they plan out their posts beforehand to see the visual arrangement of their profile.

In addition to making your feed aesthetically pleasing, apps like UNUM can help you plan weeks of content ahead of time, schedule posts to publish automatically, and help analyze which content performs best (among many other awesome features).

Group Your Hashtags: Hashtagbook

Hashtags are extremely helpful at getting your post seen by more people. Also, IG generally wants users to switch up their hashtags to make sure they’re relevant to their posts; using the same ones every time may actually lead to the opposite effect and have IG sharing them with less people. HashtagBook is super simple, but so helpful for organizing and saving your hashtags! Create different hashtag groups for topics you post about (travel, fashion, beauty, etc.) and copy/paste. Easy peasy!

Using these five apps to edit, plan, and elevate your content is sure to help step up your Instagram! Not only are they all super easy and fun to use, but they will help you achieve that aesthetic Instagram profile you’ve always wanted while potentially increasing your reach/engagement.

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