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5 Important Things to Include in Pitches

iaminfluenceallNovember 5, 2020January 5th, 2022

Hey there!

I’m Erica Spina, a Talent Agent at Influence + All Management! If you are wanting to reach out to some of your favorite brands to potentially collaborate, but don’t know how to go about it, you’ve come to the right place!

Who likes to pitch themselves? Most of us sit there and stare at a blank screen whenever we have to fill out the “about me” section to anything! It’s always so hard to pitch yourself, but as a content creator one of the best ways to work with brands you love is to reach out yourself. How do you even go about it? Not sure at all what to include? What if you’re forgetting something important? I’ve listed 5 things to include in your pitches that will make reaching out to brands easier!

1) Create a target pitch list

The first thing you should do before you even start writing your pitch is deciding who you want to work with. Don’t go crazy listing over 100 different brands or agencies, but simply put together a quick wish list of the top brands you’d like to work with! Once you’ve narrowed down who you want to reach out to, it’s time to do your research. Try and find the contact emails for each of these. The best and easiest way to do this is to reach out on Instagram and send a quick message asking if they have a contact email for collaborations. You can also use Google or LinkedIn if you really want to test out your detective skills! Then once you’ve got all the emails, the best practice is to reach out to each one of them individually.

2) Always have a subject line

Now you don’t need to have the most catchy or super punny subject line, but if that’s your thing then go for it! A subject line is important because it lets the person who is getting your email know what to expect. Without a subject line, chances are that your email will be missed, ignored, or even just deleted. You can keep your subject line super basic, you can add an emoji, or go over the top; whatever works for you and who you are! As long as it is clear, that’s the most important thing.

3) Personalization

When sending out your pitches, it is super important that you personalize them as much as you can. If you have the information available, use it. Always start off your pitch by addressing the contact by name and including the brand name somewhere in your pitch.. Even though you’re sending out a bunch of these pitches, the person on the receiving end wants to feel special. This is also your time to give them a little taste of who you are. Go a little further in your personalization and let them know why you want to partner with their brand and why they should partner with you, now’s the time to tell them! You want to sell yourself and brands want creators who truly are real fans, so by including a sentence in your pitch lets them know this right away! If you have any ideas of the type of content you want to create, include this too. Not only does it show your interest in this partnership, but it gives the brand an idea they might have not even considered, which can peak their interest even more.

4) Recap important information

If you have a media kid, include it. Any interesting and important information about you or your account that you want to share, list them out in your pitch. Always hyperlink your Instagram page so they can easily check you out, and quickly have access to the type of content you create. Brands are also interested in stats like your engagement rate, your average likes and comments, and demographics. Any information or quick stats that you can provide them with right away is important. Once you’ve given them this information, they can then check out your media kit to find out even more. If you don’t have a media kit, don’t worry! A recap of the important information I’ve listed here or whatever you feel is necessary for them to know that will help with your pitch is just as good!

5) Check your grammar and spelling

While this last point might seem super obvious, it definitely is the most important one! We’re often in such a rush we forget to look things over before we send them. When it comes to writing out pitches and sending them out to brands you potentially want to work with, an email filled with a bunch of grammar and spelling mistakes is not how you’re going to land the opportunity. It’s super important before you press send, that you double and even triple check your pitch to make sure that everything your sending makes sense and is free of any errors!

The more pitches you send out the easier it will become, but the first step is to write just one! We hope this checklist helps you out and we wish you the best of luck!

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