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5 Insider Tips for Influencers from a Manager

iaminfluenceallMarch 7, 2022May 5th, 2022

Hi! I’m Karine, a Talent Manager at I+AM. After years managing influencer projects, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be successful as a creator in this industry. Here’s a breakdown of five tips I would give to influencers that they might not know or that they should be applying to their work:

1) Follower count isn’t the most important metric anymore

Most people assume that follower count and income have a direct correlation – the more followers you have, the more money you make. Although it does have some weight in being selected for a campaign and how much you can charge, it’s not the only determining factor. 

As the influencer marketing industry evolves, there are so many additional factors that go into campaign selection for brands that I’ve seen firsthand:

  1. Engagement rate: this is a big one. Brands want to know if an influencer’s following is actually interacting with their content. An ideal rate to hit is 2% but the more your following grows, the harder it is to keep that number up. 
  2. Impressions: lots of brands will ask for insights that showcase a creator’s post and story impressions to get an idea of how many people actually see their content. Some creators with a smaller following get more impressions than bigger ones.
  3. Demographics: are your followers located within the brand’s target market?
  4. Authenticity: is it a good fit? Does the product fit into the creators’ life in an organic and natural way?
  5. Niche: Knowing your brand and narrowing down your content to a specific category will be beneficial in the long-run. Brands take a look at the full picture of your profile – not having a clear vision of what you represent can turn them the other way.
  6. Quality: with a lot of competition, you can distinguish yourself with the quality of your content. Brands will pay a premium if your content is marketing-worthy and they can use it across their digital platforms (website, emails, ads).

2) On that note, there’s more you can offer brands than just posts

Sometimes brands throw in some deliverables or terms that you can be charging more for: usage, exclusivity, and additional content that’s not posted. That additional content doesn’t have to just be an add-on, it can be the full project with the brand. If you shoot with a professional camera and have an aesthetic that’s similar to a specific brand, you can pitch the idea of simply working on content creation. The more images or videos they want and the more places they plan to use it, the more you can charge with absolutely no posting required on your profiles.

3) Be proactive

Being busy and booking projects requires work on your end. Rather than simply waiting for brands to reach out to you, write a pitch, create a media kit, and reach out to brands to let them know why partnering with you would be beneficial. 

4) Start a TikTok account

Video content is on the rise and not going anywhere anytime soon. I’ve seen a very rapid rise in both influencer growth on the platform and budget allocation for their campaigns. In addition, the demand for creators on both platforms is growing and there’s potential to double your income on the same video being posted to both social profiles.

5) Diversify your income streams

Although a big portion of revenue for influencers comes from paid collaborations, there are other ways to monetize your content:

  • Affiliate links: use platforms like RewardStyle or MagicLinks to make commission from the products you share. These platforms also take a look at your sales and can recruit you for paid campaigns if you perform well.
  • Youtube ads, TikTok marketplace, and IG Reels Bonus: make the most of your content by learning how to make money with just the views you get on your videos.
  • Co-branded products: Design an exclusive product or line with a brand of your choice and make a percentage of the sales.

In addition to this, with an established following and a loyal community, there’s always an opportunity to take your brand to the next level and build a tangible product. Here are some examples of products and services that our influencers have created:

@kelsrfloyd x My Muse Pottery

@rutaenroute x En Route

@courtneysteeves x Court’s General Store

@lindzoutside x Outdoorsy Gals

@saragailvickers x In My Jammers

Being a strong influencer in 2022 requires much more than a high follower count and taking cute pictures. These five tips can help give more insight into the industry right now and help you take a leap into diversifying your content in order to increase your revenue. Bonus tip: joining a management agency like I+AM will provide you with a manager with lots of insider knowledge that can help guide you and increase your revenue all while giving you more free time to spend creating content.

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