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5 Things Agencies Look For When Signing Influencers

iaminfluenceallDecember 8, 2020January 5th, 2022

It’s such an exciting time when it comes to searching for a management agency to help with the heavy-lifting, so you get to fully focus on your content. However, us managers don’t simply work with influencers with a great-looking feed! We look for a few things before making sure we’re a right fit. Keep reading to learn what agencies look for when adding new creators to their talent roster!

1) An established personal brand

Here’s the truth. Management agencies aren’t here to help influencers become a star. Content creators need to understand their niche and decide which direction they’re going towards, whether it’s luxury fashion, clean beauty, sustainable living, whatever it may be! Why does your audience follow you and what are you offering them? What makes them choose to see your content every day? Before signing with a management agency, influencers definitely need to have established their personal brand!

2) Consistency

They don’t say consistency is key for nothing! When it comes to the type of content you’re publishing, for example, seasonal styling videos or weekly finds, make sure you are delivering these in a constant manner. The same goes for the quality of your content and how frequently you decide to post. It’s important to commit to what you’re publishing, once your followers get to know you, they expect this consistency in your content!

3) Good engagement

No surprise here; a management agency will always want to represent talent with decent statistics. This not only comes from the quality of the content influencers create, but also from engaging with brands they work with, their followers and other creators! Maintaining a good ER is definitely one of the most time-consuming parts of being an influencer, but definitely worth the investment!

4) Time management & Communication skills

It is crucial for a creator and their manager to build a strong and trusting relationship. In order to do so, communication must be constant on both ends. While a talent agent is here to provide follow-ups and help stay organized, the creator also needs to be able to communicate updates on their work. Whether you’re stressed to meet a deadline or need more time for a reshoot, keeping your manager in the loop is the best way to go in order for any project to run smoothly!

5) Authenticity

The last thing an agency is looking for is someone who’s trying too hard. Your authenticity is your best asset and people know right away when a creator is not being genuine! There’s no point in promoting “a new favourite moisturizer” every month or posting about coffee when you’re a tea drinker. Collaborations will come left and right, and there’s no need to accept them all. Always stay true to yourself and continue promoting products you really love!

Some agencies will also look for a minimum number of followers as well as focus on signing creators that post specific type of content. It is important that while agencies have their own check list of what they look for, that you too are reaching out or wanting to be represented by an agency that also matches up to your values.

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