We love what we do.

Meet Influence + All Management (I+AM), the influencer growth management agency that cultivates prosperous brand partnerships through genuine connection.

Founded in April 2016, I+AM is one of the first companies that launched to help social media influencers manage their careers. Founding entrepreneur Karine Idrissi and first hire JJ Machate both came from the world of PR, social media and digital marketing catering to Gen Z and Millennials. They envisioned building a team of strong agents to develop strong, trusting relationships with both influencers and brands across North America. Taking on all work that keeps influencers away from creating content, I+AM’s team gets sh*t done and builds truly successful brand partnerships.

I+AM supports the creative self-expression of over 40 authentic influencers. Yup. It’s all about genuine self-expression, connection, and trust. Brands are looking for authentic connection with their customers, and I+AM’s influencers offer their followers genuinely engaging content that translates into sales. I+AM’s team leads with kindness, understanding, transparency and flexibility—all with a go-getter mindset and a F*ck the Fluff attitude.

Our services

Talent Management
Campaign Building
Influencer Marketing Consulting
Influencer Experiences

For Influencers

  • Personalized Project Management: At I+AM, we tailor our management approach to every creator to match your needs and goals. In addition, our exclusive management platform, I+AM HOUSE, keeps all of your projects organized in one place and your schedule up to date.
  • Relationship Building: We take on much more than just answering your emails. We respond promptly, keep you in the loop, and constantly check in with your contacts and ours to create solid relationships on your behalf.
  • Brand outreach: We’re proactive on a weekly basis and will work closely with you to craft personalized pitches and land your dream partnerships

For Brands

  • Campaign Building: Reach out to us to help cast your campaigns and meet your KPIs
  • Influencer Marketing Consulting: Our #dreamteam can help you with all things PR, social media, and Influencer marketing
  • Influencer Experiences: We carefully select influencers and create an immersive brand experience to showcase your brand in a new and unique way

Proprietary Project
Management Platform:

All of your projects in one place.

A simple-to-use, secure platform that helps you stay organized, meet deadlines and track payments.

More info

What I+AM House offers creators:

Project Management

Seamlessly view all of your projects and house all of your important documents information deadlines, campaign guidelines, contracts.

Media Kit

A breakdown of all your social channels, demographics, stats & rates that can be sent to brands for pitches.


Stay organized and never miss a deadline with an overview of submission, post dates & events coming up.


Easily stay on top of invoices, keep track of payments, and view total earnings.

We do all the heavy-lifting, so that you can focus on what you do best:

creating content.

As your exclusive agency partner, you’ll have your own dedicated team; and together with you, we’ll align ourselves with brands that fit your branding; offer you proactive pitching; your own real-time content schedule designed by our in-house tool; and so much more.


Before working with I+AM, I handled all collaborations by myself, which was a lot since I have two kids. I declined a lot of jobs or didn’t get back to companies because I simply did not have the time.

Once I signed with this amazing group of women, so much work was taken off my hands and simplified. Now, I’ve been able to consistently get jobs with less tedious work for me, which in return gives me more time with my family. I’m beyond thankful to have met this agency and excited for a long future together!


I love working with my I+AM fam! The girls always have my back, and they make sure I get jobs that I love. Signing with I+AM has been one of the greatest things I have done for my influencer career!


I have been working with I+AM for over 2 years now and I can honestly say they’re the best. I focus on making my work natural and organic to me. I’ve steered away from agencies because I didn’t want to make my work too much of a strict business environment. This agency has been the perfect balance of professional and personal. When I’m on calls with them I always feel like I’m talking with a friend. Working with brands can be difficult and I always feel like I have someone on my side that’s watching out for me and representing me well. I’ve personally met the marketing teams of brands that I work with and I’ve gotten compliments on my agency multiple times. They really care about me and they’re always kind, accepting and confident in whatever direction I want to head in with my work. I am so grateful for all that they do!

Scarlett Sulliman, Open Influence

I have absolutely LOVED working with Influence + All Management (I+AM)! Working with influencers can be a challenge, but I+AM is at the top of their game when it comes to representing authentic, creative, and top-tier talent. As a company, they truly care about the well-being of their influencers to ensure every campaign their talent participates in runs smoothly. Their management is prompt and always available at all hours whenever you need to connect. I am beyond excited to continue my relationship with I+AM on future projects!