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Are Influencers The Next Generation of Celebrities?

iaminfluenceallMay 5, 2022

Springtime always brings excitement around the much anticipated, world-renowned event on the first Monday in May; the Met Gala!

Each year the glamorous and opulent event extends its invitation to A-list guests bringing together celebrities, artists, and leaders in the fashion industry. As the tradition continues to amaze us with its avant-garde flair and cutting-edge fashion, it’s no surprise that we are now seeing more social media influencers included in this exclusive guest list. But what does it mean to have these Gen-Zers walk the famous Metropolitan Museum red carpet? Let’s dive a little deeper into this!

The increase in influential guests not only attracts more pairs of eyes to the gala itself, but creates an amazing opportunity for brand visibility. For obvious reasons, luxury brands and fashion designers will jump on the occasion to shine and be featured on best-dressed lists!

In this day and age, brands can’t deny that one way to gain exposure and stand out is to turn to influencer marketing and content creators. However, as the ever-evolving event successfully continues to attract a younger audience, this shift has also led to strong reactions and backlash, mainly questioning why so-called talentless celebrities are invited amongst an exclusive and reputable crowd. As the general public may not understand the relevance of social media influencers, their presence is unfortunately undervalued which becomes a challenge for them to prove their notoriety outside of the digital world.

Prestigious brands, designers, and Anna Wintour herself have quickly adapted and got past this type of criticism around influencers and understand what it takes to interact with consumers and keep them engaged! Content creators have built and nurtured relationships and trust with their audience showing that their power to influence is just as strong, or even more impactful than the ones of faces we usually expect to see each year at the gala.

Despite unpopular opinions, we hope to see many come around to understand more and more the significance of influencers and can definitely expect to see the new generation of celebrities attend traditional events, as influencer marketing rapidly grows!

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