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Hot Takes: Shop Away on Shuffles and TikTok Shops!

iaminfluenceallNovember 15, 2022

Ahead of the holiday season, get the 411 on the newest ways to shop from your favourite creators and retailers!

Shuffles by Pinterest is now available to the public

Initially launched in August via invite only, Shuffles is Pinterest’s newest app! Shuffles allows you to create aesthetic video collages directly from your pins. This visual and animated moodboard has all the artistic tools like in-app. Some notable features are: being able to cut out parts of an image with a single tap; adding and layering animations and effects; easy snapping; layering; rotating and resizing images and ‘reshuffling’.

Shuffles gets its name thanks to its Remix feature! Users can make edits and personal touches to existing collages with credit to the original creator. This is a great way for creators to get more visibility and reach while maintaining ownership and originality of their designs. For marketers, the Remix feature is definitely a tool that can take giveaway and contest entries to a new level!

Unlike TikTok, Shuffles allows every aspect of the content to be link-able – no gatekeeping here! We’re forecasting a new wave of influencers and creators on this app who maximize this feature with their recommendations, product faves, and outfit details.

TikTok is slowly rolling out in-app shopping

After a soft launch in the UK, TikTok has quietly begun partnering with selected US retailers to enter the e-comm world. This means that consumers can stay on the app to purchase items directly from retailers. 

This move comes to no surprise after viral trends like TikTok Made Me Buy It. This hashtag was one of the most searched videos on the app raking in millions of views which were centered around real customer reviews and recommendations.

Data also shows Gen Z treats TikTok as a search engine, meaning users are already searching “gifts under $50”, “best vacuum 2022” or “top dog toys” on the app! Ahead of this holiday season, creators have already begun capitalizing on this fact by creating holiday gift guides or sharing their wishlists! Retailers will definitely be waiting patiently to roll out their shop in the coming months.

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