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Monthly Reads: Celebrating Pride Year-Round

iaminfluenceallJune 8, 2022

LGBTQ+ Impact: How social media evolves on the hands of Queer creators

With 20% of Gen Z (arguably a huge target group for influencer marketing campaigns) identifying as a part of the community and possessing a $1.4T spending power, the LGBTQ+ population continues to thrive! Read this article to learn more about their far reaching impact.

Beauty weak spot: Why marketing still has an LGBTQ+ problem

Most brands prioritize and share their belief in working with LGBTQ+ creators year-round. Still, in the month of June, there’s a spike of finfluencer campaigns featuring creators of this community. Some are awesome and others still require deeper thought. Read this to better understand the challenges that this community continues to face within the industry.

Partnering for Pride: What I Want Brands to Know Before Sponsoring LGBTQ+ Influencers & Bloggers

It’s vital for brands to not only recognize the challenges that this community faces today, but also to maximize each opportunity they get to work with incredible LGBTQ+ creators. Read this to find out what brands should know when working with members of the community from a LGBTQ+ creator herself!

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