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Monthly Reads: Holiday Season in Full Swing

iaminfluenceallOctober 14, 2022

Holiday Season Trends 2022: What Marketers Can Expect This Year

The Holiday Season is the largest shopping opportunity for consumers and for brands to drive revenue. Ahead of this holiday season, expect consumers to shop earlier (we’re talking as early as October)! With the cost of living continuing to rise, consumers will be on the hunt for big savings and deals – the perfect time to capitalize on Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals along with affiliate sales through influencer marketing. Find out else is expected this holiday season in this article!

Hyper Specific Gift Guides

Holiday Shopping is tricky – what’s the perfect gift for someone who has it all or someone who wants “nothing” this year? TikTok Gift Guides were a huge hit last year with users searching up #tiktokmademebuyit for inspo! This hashtag has over 7 billion views and an assortment of videos from influencers demonstrating and reviewing their products that they were also influenced to buy! Expect influencers to discuss gift guides again this year under this hashtag and what they are buying for their specific loved ones this holiday season. Check out this article.

TikTok Live Shopping is Booming in 2022

Read this article to discover all you need to know about TikTok Live Shopping! This content will definitely be sure to stand out against mainstream in-feed videos and engage your followers in real time allowing an opportunity to demonstrate, answer questions and try on products! Expect Influencers to partner with their favourite brands on livestream takeovers this holiday season!

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