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Monthly Reads: Latest in Consumer Spending

iaminfluenceallSeptember 12, 2022

12 Important Shopping Trends For 2022

Shopping has become a lot more accessible now that you can purchase almost anything from your fingertips. 38% of shoppers in the US use social media to make monthly purchases. With TikTok launching a shop feature, the world of shopping is always evolving! Find out more of the latest shopping trends in this article.

Yes, back-to-school shopping is more expensive now. Here's how much Americans are spending

Back-to-school season means new clothes, new school supplies and so much more. This time of year has generated a massive increase in consumer spending as parents and students are getting ready to get back into school mode. Read more here.

2022 Beauty Industry Trends & Cosmetics Marketing: Statistics and Strategies for Your Ecommerce Growth

Valuing at over 500 Billion Dollars, the beauty and cosmetic industry is continuously growing. Check out this article to find out more on the trends in the beauty industry and the projections for growth in the next few years.

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