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Monthly Reads: Maximize your Social Strategy

iaminfluenceallNovember 15, 2022

Are UGC Creators the Next Evolution of Influencer Marketing?

Have you heard of UGC? User generated content, a rising trend in the creator space, allows creatives to work with brands without needing a big following. How? With the growth of short-term videos, brands are looking for ways to keep up with entertaining content and trends and are turning to creators to help. UGC creators blur the line between influencer and consumer by working on paid content creation deals that brands can share on their channels (no posting on their own personal socials involved). Check out this article to learn more.

Best Link in Bio Apps to Supercharge Your Traffic From All Social Media Networks

The link in your social bio can be prime real estate – are you making the most of it? Make sure you’re maximizing your content, affiliate links, and socials by checking out what these “link in bio” apps can do.

Social Good: How To Use Your Channels To Reflect Your Values

The power of influence can be used for more than selling product and brand partnerships. Going deeper into who you are, sharing your values, and using your platforms for good, can help grow your relationships and build a real community of like-minded people. How will you incorporate good into your content?

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