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Tips on how to grow your TikTok presence

iaminfluenceallApril 13, 2022

TikTok has been the fastest growing social media platform and creators on there are growing just as fast! See some of the ways that you can get ahead on TikTok!

Establish your niche

When you joined TikTok, you had a specific idea in mind of the type of content you wanted to post. Maybe that vision got lost along the way with all the ever changing trends but it is never too late to get back on track! 

Having a specific niche and vision for your page is crucial to growing on TikTok as the more you love what you are sharing, the more users will want to engage with your videos.

If you have already found your niche, use it to your advantage! Being a specialist in your field and providing value to your followers will generate popularity with your content and will help you grow.

Use trending sounds and hashtags

Leveraging the right Hashtags and Sounds are pivotal to getting your video to be on as many people’s for you pages as possible.

Hashtags have been useful across all social media platforms, and TikTok is no different. As trends change and evolve, it is imperative that your hashtags change as well. Making sure you stay on top of niche specific hashtags and generally trending hashtags will be equally important to gaining more views and followers. Type # in your caption box, to see some of the current trending hashtags.

TikTok’s trending Sounds and Songs are constantly changing but staying on top of them can drastically help with boosting the views on your videos! The app, Trend Tok, can be installed on your phone and send notifications whenever a new sound or song is trending in your niche specifically or in general on the platform.

Consistent content

Unlike Instagram, creators on TikTok are consistently posting on the platform. The more videos posted, the more chances you have to go viral and end up on people’s For You pages! 

TikTok suggests posting a minimum of 1-3 videos a day to maximize your growth efforts. This will also allow your followers to see your commitment to your platform which will make them want to engage with your content more.

Engage with the community

The Duet and Stitch features on TikTok could further help with growth and staying on top of trends. When you use these functions, you are more likely to get on the FYP of the users who interacted with the original video. If you are in the same niche, it is even more likely that you will gain more followers!

Be yourself and have fun!

As cheesy as this sounds, users will want to engage with creators who are being their truest, authentic self! It’s important to stay on top of trends, but it is equally important to be yourself and add a unique spin to your content.  So just be you and create content that makes you happy!

Navigating through a new social media platform takes a lot of trial and error but there will always be new strategies to staying on top of the latest trends. 

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