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Weekly Reads: Industry News and Tips

iaminfluenceallNovember 20, 2020February 15th, 2022

Three-quarters of brands have upped influencer spend despite pandemic

Despite the current climate situation, brands are spending more of their money on influencer marketing, showing that they are confident in creators and their ability to deliver ROIs. Find out more interesting facts on

Tips on finding and partnering with social media influencers

While brands are realizing that contracting influencers for their campaigns is the way to go, you might be wondering how you can contact them? Read all about it on

How influencers are using their platforms to educate and inform

2020 has definitely been a heavy year and creators are using their voices and their platforms for more than just nice outfit pics! Read all about it on

We’ll be adding our favorite finds weekly, so keep an eye out!

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